You too can be a Womble…

We will be doing our bit – will you ?

We have often featured articles where the community has pulled together and often it is this spirit that actually helps and really does get the job done. Last year the Daily Mail ran a campaign encouraging people to collect plastic and clear rubbish from beaches and featured tales of people collecting the most and really made it all about helping your local area and trying to create a positive feel about where we live, to help not only clear the plastic but to help wildlife as well.

This year they have joined Keep Britain Tidy to publicise The Great British Spring Clean and are encouraging people to collect rubbish and to do their bit to help clear streets, countryside, beaches, parks and so on. The event takes place between March 20th and April 13th and people are being encouraged to pledge their time to help. At the launch of the event last week it was an old favourite that was drafted in to help Boris Johnson highlight the event. Orinoco, who was one of the Wombles, appeared alongside our Prime Minister. A very good choice because, and as everyone knows, Wombles “make good use of the things that they find”.

The Prime Minister said:

“I applaud the Daily Mail and Keep Britain Tidy for calling on communities to come together and join the fight against litter.”,

Working together to help create a better community and to help make our outside spaces so much more pleasant is a great thing but it is also helping to keep our countryside and wildlife in better shape too. What a great idea and hopefully one that will catch on. We will be doing our bit – will you ?

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