You may not find Penguins in Iceland but …..

Penguins epitomise all things frozen…..

Over the last few weeks the lockdown restrictions have started to reduce. In the last few days it has been announced that zoos and animal parks will once more be able to open their doors. Zoos have suffered terribly during the pandemic as they receive the majority of their funds from ticket admissions and money spent in the attractions.

There have been pleas from many zoos, but one in particular has pointed out that the threat of permanent closure is on the cards. Chester Zoo launched a fundraising appeal saying that it had crippling debts. Animals still needed to be fed and looked after despite no money coming in. They have so far raised enough money to be able to keep going for almost a month.

The Supermarket Iceland has taken steps to be able to help Chester Zoo and has adopted the entire rookery of Humboldt penguins. They have also offered to help publicise the fundraising efforts. They said they made the gesture as the penguin epitomises all things frozen and that they wanted to do something to be able to help, despite penguins not coming from Iceland. The rookery recently welcomed a creche of chicks and they were all named after NHS hospitals. The names chosen were Florence, Bevan and Thomas.

This is great for the zoo, but Iceland have also received good publicity for their actions. Hopefully this and other fundraising will keep Chester and other zoos open so that they can carry on with their valuable work with endangered species and continue to provide a public service.

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