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Why have "Good News" ......

by Banana Crumble | Sep 22, 2017

Why have we got a feature section called Good News Stories?

So many people get involved in sport, music, drama, art, scouting, charity work and the list goes on and on and on. A huge majority of people have never been in trouble yet it is the tiny percentage of people that do bad things that seem to make the headlines. Count in the newspaper or on the news the number of negative articles compared to the positive ones.

As the next generation comes through we shouldn’t be focussing on the doom and gloom we should be looking at the positive and encouraging them to do the best they can. I recently asked some friends if they had enjoyed their week away. “Yes” they responded “but the weather was rubbish on Wednesday morning!” Surely that means that the weather was good for the rest of the week. See what I mean, focusing on the bad? People just seem to like moaning about everything and anything!

Lots of people have bucket lists of things they want to do and probably actually will never do. Certain things almost seem to have been invented to be a bucket list item. Who wants to go naked skydiving over the Brazilian RainForest ? What happens when everything is ticked off the list – not that it is ever likely to be – not sure I fancy wing walking!! Stupid thing to have added!!

Having the most extreme things on a bucket list is almost a competition! If the list is completed more things will get added. No one is ever going to say “Done”!! Why not turn the whole thing on its head and have a “I have Done list!!” And celebrate everything you have achieved. You can still do all the weird and wonderful bucket list items but this will give you something positive to look back on. Each new thing you add to the list is something else you have achieved. Far more positive.

Our Good News feature is here to help focus on the good and positive things that you do. We will try and publish or publicise anything as long as it is positive, motivational, inspirational or of interest to our members. If it is none of these then it just needs to bring a smile to our faces or to make us laugh.

People often need a helping hand and we think we can help. If you are planning on being a journalist and need somewhere to publish that first article – we will try! If you are a new band and want some publicity for that first album – let us know! If you feel that your sport should receive more publicity – tell us!  If you have done something amazing – just contact us! Maybe some of our positivity will rub off. Maybe when I ask my friends about their week away I will get the answer ”Had a great time, the weather was amazing for almost the whole time and actually the morning it rained was a bonus as it meant that we could ………….!!

Looking forward to hearing all your Good News!!

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