What shall I get my Mum as a birthday present ?….

Georgia-Mae Fenton found the best birthday present for her mum …..

Seventeen year old gymnast Georgia-Mae Fenton was competing at the Commonwealth games on the Australian Gold Coast on the day that was her mum’s birthday. Georgia-Mae decided that it would be a great present to her mum if she could give her the best ever performance on the bars. It had been the young gymnast’s mum who had introduced her to the sport after Georgia-Mae was always doing cartwheels . Her mum thought it was better for her to be doing these in a safe environment rather than just at home. Georgia-Mae’s mum had not travelled to Australia to watch.

Georgia-Mae didn’t just give her best performance but she actually took the gold medal in the uneven bars with a score of 14.600. Georgia-Mae certainly gave the best birthday present that her Mum could ever have wished for. Certainly better than chocolates or flowers!!

Congratulations Georgia-Mae

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