We only do positive……

As a family we have enjoyed so many different sports and can certainly say that it is enhanced our lives in many ways…..

The England football Manager, Gareth Southgate isn’t one usually to give interviews so his latest press conference was one where he really had to keep his cool.

Southgate has always stressed the importance of Grass Roots football and has been involved with the FA’s Respect Campaign. As part of this campaign they have launched the “We Only Do Positive” handbook aimed at parents and coaches involved with junior football.  Southgate’s five core coaching principles in the handbook are to create the right environment, lead by positive example, understand your players, build a positive team around you and instil an ‘anything is possible’ attitude.  “As coaches, our job is to help give players confidence,” said Southgate. “Young people in particular respond to positive affirmation rather than criticism of things that have gone wrong. Very often the balance that people receive is the other way around. It’s more important to find people doing things well.

Southgate said “The first aim should be that everybody gets to play, enjoy the game, grow their love of the game and have fun with their friends. Even those that go on to play professionally, those have been the most important things that made them fall in love with the game.”

During the press conference Southgate was grilled by children from Willesley Primary School and they asked questions about all topics including asking for advice for their very own football coach.

Sport is such an important thing for children and it helps them develop on both a social and health front and teaches them so many life skills. As a family we have enjoyed so many different sports and can certainly say that it has enhanced our lives in many ways.

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