We can all make such a difference.

You never know that little bit of volunteering may change your life for the positive….

A few months ago I had to visit our local hospital. Thankfully I am not a regular at the hospital and didn’t really know where I was going. Standing by the notice board was an elderly gentleman who welcomed me with a large grin and a “Can I help you ?”.  I told him where I was going and he gave me directions, making jokes about his left and his right but the directions were good and I got to where I was going without a hitch.

As I left, a short while later I noticed that the same man had a badge with volunteer on it. This man was giving up his time to help others. At the time I remember thinking that the man was obviously enjoying interacting with people and was certainly making a positive contribution.

A few weeks on I have seen the campaign from The Daily Mail asking for people to volunteer to help out with the NHS. What a great idea. So many people volunteer to help run clubs and societies and everyone benefits from people taking on these roles. If you do have some spare time why not do something positive with it and help out. Maybe with the NHS or maybe with a school or club. You never know that little bit of volunteering may change your life for the positive and certainly change the lives of others. We can all make such a difference.

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