We are all obsessed….

Could this be the perfect 100th birthday present for Captain Tom ?

We are all obsessed with Captain Tom Moore and his sponsored walk. What is the first thing that you look at in the morning and then the last thing you look at when you go to bed? I thought it was just me but every person I have spoken to say they look at the amazing amount of money that has been raised and then check it again the following day to check the amount and are literally astounded at the rate at which the money is still going up. On Thursday the total was an amazing £12 million pounds and now today, Saturday it has topped the £21 million pound mark.

No one could ever have thought, that what started as a family challenge literally turned into something that has united the whole country. Every news programme and everybody that you talk to mentions Captain Tom. Certainly caught the nation’s mood and it is fantastic that this unification of people from all walks of life, political parties, different countries and cultures are all joining together. This is just the type of story that brings hope and in his words “tomorrow will be a good day”. Thanks Captain Tom!!

This morning it was announced that Michale Ball, along with Captain Tom and members of the NHS have released a charity version of the famous anthem “You Will Never Walk Alone”. If Captain Tom reaches number one this week then it would mean that on his 100th birthday he will be Top of the Charts. I am sure that when at the end of the month Captain Tom reaches his 100th birthday it will really give the nation something to celebrate and to be number one as well. Would that make him a record breaker ? To be able to download this piece of history click here.

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