We all love to feel appreciated

Such a simple act that has made such a difference….

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and when someone goes out of their way to say a big thank you it can make a huge difference to everyone concerned.

After the horrific events of last week in London when yet again the action of just one made headlines for all the wrong reasons one little girl was touched by the actions of the Emergency Services. She wanted to say thank you to them. Nine year old Eva from Chorley in Lancashire took matters into her own hands. She wrote letters and addressed them to “Emergency Service Worker” and left them on police cars, vans and ambulances. With these letters she left chocolate and told the workers to enjoy the treats. The Lancashire police force used twitter to try and find out who the mystery letter writer was as they in return wanted to thank her for making their day.

The police managed to track Eva down and as a way of a thank you to her they have invited her to spend a day with the force.

Thank you letters were an important part of life and many of us grew up knowing the importance of saying thank you. The effort of writing a letter and the time it takes even for a few lines makes the thank you just a bit more special so I can imagine for the workers finding the letters combined with the chocolate it must have indeed made their day.

Such a simple act that has made such a difference. Well done Eva for saying what we all truly believe. Thank you to all our Emergency Service Workers.

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