Tyson Fury overcomes drink, drugs and depression to be Champion of the World

The demons of drink, drugs and depression can be overcome…..

Boxing may not be everyone’s cup of tea and Tyson Fury is often in the news and press for things that we wouldn’t count as good or positive news. He has brought his battles to overcome drink, drugs and depression into the public eye and for that he can only be commended. He has battled with his weight and talks publicly about having two personalities. He has also had the pressure of dealing with these things in the public eye.

This past weekend it was the long awaited rematch between Tyson Fury and American Deontay Wilder. Tyson Fury, or The Gypsy King as he likes to be called, settled old scores and took the title of Heavyweight Champion of the world with a knockout in the 7th round.

As much as people have different options about Fury he has proved that you can overcome almost anything and if his story inspired just one person to turn their life around then this is in fact a positive story that we will include in our Good News feature. Congratulations on that.

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