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Tony - what a hero!!

by Banana Crumble | Jun 08, 2020

Tony Hudgell suffered horrific abuse from his birth parents when he was a baby. At only 41 days old, due to the nature of his injuries he almost died. In 2017 Tony had to have both his legs amputated. The Evelina London Children’s Hospital saved his life then and still do now with the care that he receives.

The brave youngster was inspired as we all were by the amazing money raised by Captain Tom Moore. Captain Tom Moore used a walking frame to help him achieve the 100 laps of his garden. Tony, at the time was using a walking frame and decided that he could do the same. Tony has pledged to walk 10km during the month of June to raise funds for the hospital that helped to save his life. Tony was fitted with his first pair of artificial legs earlier this year and using these and his crutches he wanted to raise funds for the hospital. Another story that the nation has taken to heart.  Now people have heard about the amazing challenge they are stopping to support Tony as he walks past and the great news is that the funds keep coming. He has currently raised over £210,000 and the total is still rising and with the publicity that has come with it is definitely going to continue to increase.

The link to the Just Giving page being used to raise funds for this amazing superhero is here.

The Bio from this page says the following:

Tony at 41 days old suffered horrific abuse at the hands of his biological parents. He suffered multiple fractures, discolations, blunt trauma to face leading to multi organ failure, toxic shock and sepsis. He ended up on life support and seconds from death. 

Sadly in 2017 he had both his legs amputated due to the extreme injuries. His left hip is discolated and missing the ball joint due infection, he has hand issues and deaf in his right ear. 

The positive side to this is he is Today a bright happy, confident little boy who loves life. 

Over the last week he has been learning to walk on his new legs with crutches, and he wanted to raise some pennies for the wonderful hospital The Evelina Children’s Hospital whom is his second home. Please help him and encourage him to walk every day of June hoping to reach his target of 10 kilometres. 

This may seem and easy task but for him this is a huge mountain to climb 💙

Captain Tom was and still is an inspiration. As well as featuring Tony Hudgell today, we have also previously featured the equally amazing Sophia Hyde who again drew inspiration from Captain Tom. It isn’t just about the fundraising but the inspiration that other people can draw from tales of people achieving great things. Everyone can be inspirational and it may just be a small thing but if it inspires others to do their best or try and challenge themselves in some way then in our view the inspiration just snowballs.

We will keep checking on this story about Tony and then let you know but we wish him well with the fundraising and with the new legs that he is well and truly testing!!

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