This could be the last straw!

Plastic straws, drink stirrers and cotton buds to be banned to help reduce plastic pollution..

Having featured many stories about pollution, plastics and the environment over the last few years it is good to see that the British Government are now going to ban plastic drink stirrers, straws and cotton buds with effect from April 2020. It is estimated that 316 million of these products are used in a single year!

We have all seen first hand the horrific pictures of animals that have been affected by plastic and read stories and seen television programmes about the damage that has been caused by pollution.

We know this is only a first step and there is a long way to go to reduce the plastic pollution but this is a starting point and hopefully the first of many steps that will eventually save our environment. By each and everyone of us making a difference then the cumulative effect of this will be seen and benefits gained much quicker.

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