They say from “out of the mouth of babes”…

William wanted to know why “the silly humans” had left litter on the streets….

William Mosley is only 3 yet he has already developed strong environmental opinions. He wanted to know why “the silly humans” had left litter on the streets.

They say from out of the mouth of babes and in this case it is really true. If William at three can see how much damage the litter is doing to our beautiful environment then why can’t adults. It is good news that someone so young can see this but we have a long way to go.

Last week, as I was driving to work the van driver in front threw out some rubbish as he was driving along. You see this so often. After the beautiful weather we had over the bank holiday it was reported in the news about the amount of rubbish left on Southend Beach. William thinks rubbish is left by stupid people, why can’t we all learn from William and take our rubbish home and then recycle. Surely having a bag for rubbish is easy and a simple task like this will and can make a huge difference.

Well done William and so say all of us at Banana Crumble

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