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Sophie and Sophia – such an amazing few days…..

Last week we featured 8 year old Sophia Hyde who was running and cycling laps of her garden to raise money for the NHS and then on Saturday we featured the equally amazing Sophie Holmes who was going to complete the cycle and run part of an iron man competition from her own home and raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and the NHS. Both these events will have inspired many and we thought we would update you with how the competition day for Sophie unfolded.

A slight hitch with the bike at the start meant that the event was delayed for a short while but that wasn’t going to stop Sophie. Sophie was cycling in her lounge and with the joys of technology was able to have people join her virtually. She was also live on Instagram and people were supporting her along the way. As we have mentioned before Sophie has Cystic Fibrosis and is unable to leave her house until the Coronavirus pandemic is over. Our own Chief Banana used his exercise session to run past and also complete some laps of her garden and was able to cheer Sophie on though a window.

With the cycle completed it was the marathon next – 842 laps of the garden. This is utterly insane. How do you keep motivated for that number of laps and the determination to finish is just utterly overwhelming.

We did watch her live on Instagram and the part that we actually loved was the virtual meeting of the two Sophs (Sophia and Sophie). As both have Cystic Fibrosis they cannot ever meet but they are both linked with the inspirational things that they do. With the use of technology, Sophia from her back garden was able to join Sophie in hers and they ran some laps together. Certainly a story of hope, determination, courage and definitely fitness. Of course, not finishing was never an option and at around 8pm last night Sophie completed her goal, a fantastic achievement. Cycling her 180km in 7 hours 29 minutes and then running her lawn marathon in 4 hours 27 minutes to complete two thirds of her Iron Man Challenge. Well done Sophie from all of us here at Banana Crumble.

If you would like to support either of these amazing ladies then look no further than our earlier articles. Congratulations to them both. Sophie still is determined to do the swim part of her ironman but is looking forward to being able to complete the real thing in Austria when the event is rescheduled. You are both nothing but absolutely awesome!!

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