The Daily Telegraph agrees with us…..

We know how concentrating on the good things really does help people

The Daily Telegraph agrees with us about everyone needing good news and they are launching a brand new weekly newsletter called The Brightside featuring good news. In its launch feature it says that if people focus on the bad things then all this negativity passes onto people and gets reflected in their moods. It says this can transfer and cause stress. We have been producing good news and weekly newsletters for over 100 weeks now – they should have listened to us!!!

We know how concentrating on the good things really does help people. Even if it is just a smile, a laugh or something to inspire or motivate. It can be something huge or sometimes just a smile but all it needs is everyone to concentrate on the good news and positive things. Read our feature article that we wrote almost two years ago with the reasoning behind our idea. So many people have read our features and we hope that have helped make the world a better place with all of our Good News.

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