The Battle for Orkambi

Northern Ireland and Wales added to the list of countries to benefit from Orkambi…

A few weeks ago we told everyone the great news that the drugs Orkambi and Symkevi would be licensed in England, following on from the same news from Scotland a few weeks previously. In that feature we hoped that similar action would then cover the remaining areas of the UK. Liam McHugh, who we have featured so many times has been instrumental in this battle particularly in his home country of Northern Ireland. We are so pleased to say that at the end of October Liam’s hard work did pay off and Northern Ireland quickly followed by Wales was added to the list already containing Scotland and England.

For many this battle has taken years and years of hard work, dedication and determination. Many of the CF patients have received their new medications and we sincerely hope that this drug gives the quality of life to so many that otherwise would have struggled. We learnt about this battle, originally through Liam McHugh who ran a feature with us about Orkambi. Since then we have followed with keen interest and hope that with our involvement with Banana Crumble features and our work with the CF Trust that maybe we have helped spread some awareness.

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