Thank you NHS

We are all behind you and want to say thank you….

Whilst we are trying our absolute hardest to find good news and positive stories that aren’t about Coronavirus we did think we had to publicise this event. Without our NHS workers and everyone on the front line we would be in an even worse position than we are now. These people go to work, knowing the risks and still are there to help everyone. I don’t think that there are any words that will thank our NHS for everything they have done and will do over the coming weeks and months.

We saw a post on social media saying that on Thursday 26th March at 8pm everyone should go to their front doors, garden, balcony, windows or living room to give all our amazing NHS workers a huge round of applause to say we do value them and this is a way we can all unite in showing our gratitude to them. We will be there and even this is just a token but hopefully the NHS realise how much they are appreciated and that we are all behind them.

Why not join in everyone , spread the news and clap to show your appreciation.

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