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Teenager reunited with birthday money after a stranger finds it and puts a post on Facebook

by Banana Crumble | Dec 03, 2017

We all see Facebook posts and probably most of the time just give a quick glance to them. Earlier in the week I saw the message below complete with the photo of an 18th birthday card and a wad of notes. I felt I had to share it. The thought of an 18 year old missing out on £100 of birthday money compelled me to press that share button.

I found this today when out in COLCHESTER. .. and would love it to get to where it was going …. so if anyone has any connections there please share this ….. it was heading for a guy called Connor. … !! I will be wanting to know who sent him it …. !!

The post was sent by Loui Warren, who lives near Stowmarket in Suffolk on the 26th November. Loui had found the card in Queen Street, Colchester, Essex. Loui had been visiting a vegan fair in Colchester and was literally just making his way home when he spotted the card. He said “We were’t going to open it at all but when we saw the money we called the police” Loui said that after speaking to the police they decided “to keep hold of it for a few weeks before giving it to the homeless or to an animal hospital if the police hadn’t replied to them”

The card was addressed to someone called Conor and had £100 pounds of cash inside. Loui decided to put the message on Facebook so that hopefully messages would reach either Connor or the person who had sent that card to him. The post was shared over 2400 times in 12 hours and one of those people helped reunite Connor Clifton with his birthday card and present.

We so often hear stories where things are stolen and it is great when you hear that there are still honest people around and that this was a story with a very happy ending. Another really Good News Story. Loui said “he was very surprised about the feedback and everyone saying well done as after all he had only been doing the right thing”.

Here at Banana Crumble we say Happy Birthday to Connor and endorse all of the positive things that have been said about Loui and his honesty.



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