Talk about stating the obvious……..

An innocent note that made me laugh out loud…..

A few days ago we had a meeting with those involved with the Banana Crumb-Ball and decided that we would cook a Chilli Con Carne. It was delicious and as usual plenty was made meaning that there was some left over. Chief Banana, Matt asked if he could take the leftovers to work for his lunch.

On numerous occasions Matt’s lunch has been left in the fridge, so to avoid disappointment and missing out, Richard left him a note on the fridge. In the morning the sign was still on the door and it literally made me laugh out loud. This is what it said.

Whatever next…. Hot in the Oven!!!!!! Certainly made me smile!!!

When looking for some inspiration for really obvious signage we also came up with these. Hope we have made you smile today…

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