People still think it is too good to be true. Let’s put them right….

When we ask people about Banana Crumble lots of people really can’t believe that there isn’t a catch or if they win they will get their money promptly without having to hand over bank details. People think there must just be a hidden catch somewhere along the lines and that you don’t get something for nothing! We think the best way to dispel this myth is by publishing quotes from our winning members.

It felt amazing to win and really made my day, as a student it meant a lot and I’m happy to be able to put the money towards Christmas – Natalie Rogers

I’m going to spend my winnings on a night out after my uni exams and deadlines I have coming up! – Ali Strub

I’m a university student so the money will really help with buying food and maybe a night out with my mate. It was really good timing to be fair, as it’s coming up to Christmas and I’m rather short of money at the moment! I heard about you through a friend who won the first prize about a year ago. – Leo Jackaman

Ooo exciting!!! thank you!! I’ll be spending this on little pre Christmas treats for the family as its a prize it would be a shame to spend it on normal things. – Smile Wall winner

It felt really nice to win something for once and I’ll be spending it on getting my mum something she wants for Christmas that I couldn’t really afford otherwise – Christie Bailey

Funds for Xmas shopping of course!! – Miranda Applegate

I would say it’s really nice to win anything, I’ll probably spend the winnings on a night out with my friends. I found out about the charity when looking for one to run for in the London Marathon –  Gareth Pownell 

It feels very exciting to have won, I never win anything so this was totally unexpected! I am a medical student and am currently planning an elective placement in Sri Lanka in February so the money will go towards funding that! (And also maybe a cheeky glass of prosecco).  I heard about you through friends – Libby Bowman

My money will be spent on travelling over the next couple of months before I start work in London next year! – Raina Hayles

Just look at all the exciting things people are planning on doing with their winnings. How easy is it to check for your name once a week ? Don’t forget to tell all your friends and family about the chance you have to win. These are just a sample of our many messages from our winners!!! Remember not only do you have a chance of winning a cash prize each week you are helping to raise money for our Charity of the Year – The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. We are almost at our target of £5000 so why not read, like, click on our features and help us get to that total.

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Good News – it really can happen to you!!

Yesterday was  the 21st September and it was one year ago that we carried out our first draw for Banana Crumble. So on our first anniversary we thought we would catch up with some of our winners to find out how they spent their winnings. We have certainly seen a range of items and events. We have helped with purchases for the house, putting money towards trips and experiences, shopping, nights out and many more things.

The one thing that has been said in so many of our responses is ” I have never won anything”!! This just goes to prove that anyone can win and hopefully by seeing some of the different things people have bought it proves Good News really can happen. These include:

“What a great idea Banana Crumble is: raising money for a good cause, while giving you the opportunity to win the weekly draw. I’m one of those that doesn’t generally win such things, so was pleasantly surprised to win this week’s draw. I’ll be using the winnings to treat myself to a new camping cooker for our caravan.  A special treat to help us enjoy the time away in our caravan” – Joanne Miller

“Thanks Banana Crumble for my win, I spent my money treating my friends to a round of drinks after work!” – Harry Fagan

“It feels great to win, I never win anything so it really made my day! I had a little shopping spree at Bicester village at the weekend so I think I’ve already spent my winnings on a new purse!”  – Sophie Wicker

“I’ve been signed up for aaaages! I’ll probably use the money to take me and my son out, I work full time and rarely get the chance to do things like this with my 3 year old.” – Meredith Mills

“It was a really good feeling to win. I’ve not had good luck recently as I broke my wrist last week and in a cast for summer so this has definitely made me feel better. I’m going to put the money towards a day trip somewhere with my dad.” – Honor Beckford

“I am off to Dubai in October and wanted to book a skydive so I will add this to my travel funds.. that’s if the money is not spent at an outdoors karaoke night on Friday.” – Hannah Randall

“Cheers to Banana Crumble for buying our Rose on the Beach on our recent trip to Cannes! A fantastic surprise to win and just before a holiday!!- Yasmin Firoozieh

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Sign up today for FREE for your chance to win £25, £50 and £100 each and every week. Sign up takes 2 minutes. All unclaimed prizes get donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. By signing up, reading, sharing and liking our articles, you are helping us raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust! Thank you!



Dreams and a weekend away really can come true with Banana Crumble

Why not watch our video to see how Lucia Farrance spent her Banana Crumble winnings. It really could be you next!

Thanks Lucia – Here at Banana Crumble we hope that you had a really great weekend!


Thank you for celebrating diversity …….

Last night saw the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest take place in Lisbon, Portugal and it once again proved to be the event that can only be described as Eurovision. It had drama, controversy, a stage invasion and much more.

Controversy was caused by the Irish entry not being shown in China as it depicted gay lovers. In the original showing of the song advertisements were strategically placed so that the Chinese viewers didn’t see the Irish entry. The Eurovision production company then banned the Chinese for not taking the whole show and prevented them from watching the actual finals. The stage invasion took place during the UK’s entry and a protestor managed to get up on the stage and take the microphone form the British competitor SuRie. He was dragged off and later arrested and heroically SuRie managed to carry on. Despite her stoic efforts the UK entry finished third bottom!

The scoring system for the Eurovision has changed over the years as the entrant numbers have increased. The first half of the votes were awarded by a professional jury from each country. This meant that at the half way point when all the panel scores were given it was Austria that were winning. However that was all to change with the public vote. Votes were added up and then delivered in reverse order leaving a nail biting result literally until the last two scores were awarded leaving it as an exciting battle between Cyprus and Israel.

It was to be Israels’ evening and Netta Barzilai was crowned Eurovision Champion in a colourful scene of fun, humour and a hidden meaning. Netta, as she is known, is a 24 year old singer who won the Isralei equivalent of the X Factor. Her song “Toy” was written by Dorn Medal and Star Beger who, in fact had also written the previous two Israeli entries to the competition. The Israeli competitor nearly didn’t get the chance to take part as the television company showing Eurovision pulled out leaving a smaller company to take up the reigns. The Song “Toy” is about the awakening of social justice and empowerment of all people and supposedly inspired by the #MeToo Movement but, as Netta says herself, all wrapped up in a colourful, happy vibe.

Prior to the competition there had been a lot of interviews and publicity about Netta who speaks about her size and freely admits she is fat. She says “I was fat, I am fat but I am the same person. I now just love me for who I am”. She mentions that pop singers are usually thin, beautiful and light and it takes big girl singers like Adele and Aretha Franklin to be a big mama and they need to be able to move people with the way they sing. She was told as she was big she had to dress big and that she wasn’t beautiful. Netta made a huge point of saying that she wanted to break these stereotypes as so many people suffer with the great evil of them. As she was awarded her trophy she yelled to the audience “Thank you for celebrating diversity. See you all in Jerusalem”

The song “Toy” has lyrics that mention Pokemon and has random chicken noises that when you hear the song for the first time feel completely gimmicky but then what would you expect from Eurovision? The chicken noises are in fact supposed to represent bullies who are always cowards or chickens. With this new understanding and seeing all the colourful fun and diversity that was shown in Eurovision this is a worthy winner. If it helps people feel good about themselves and encourages people to love others for who they are in reality rather than judging them, this can only be a good thing. There are always stories about bullies and perhaps the clucking chickens of Netta and her Eurovision winning entry song will bring a renewed strength to some.

Thank you Eurovision for the entertainment!!



What does a £25 win let me buy ……

If You won £25 with Banana Crumble you would be able to buy one of the following:

A bottle of Tesco Finest Vintage Champagne

Afternoon tea for one at the Dukes Hotel in London

33.79 US Dollars

A Eurostar one way Snap ticket to either Paris or Brussels

A Russell Hobbs kettle

Five Big Macs

A Babyliss for Men Trim Stubble Wet and Dry Trimmer

100 packs of Ice Cream flavoured Chewitts

60 Andrex Classic Toilet rolls

40 bottles of 275ml Becks lager

1 adult entry ticket to London Zoo

5 one way coach tickets from Liverpool to London with National Express

2 Adult and one child tickets for bowling at Westfield in Stratford

2 student VUE cinema tickets plus a bucket of popcorn

Pandora Swirl Serpentine Clip charm

The Complete Little Miss Collection of books

A bottle of Tanqeray 10 gin

38 copies of the Daily Mail

A student discount card for two years

One adult ticket to watch Stoke City FC in the Boothen Stand

Four mens Hipsters from Next

HP302 ink (black and colour)

10 reams of paper

An adult ticket for Bounce Below at Zip World

or finally

500 fruit salad chews

You can take your pick of how you spend yours but please let us know how you did as we want to compile a list of things purchased!!

Prices correct as at point of press and we certainly can’t guarantee them!!





The Twelve Names of Christmas – WINNER

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Twelve Names of Christmas Giveaway.

And the winner is Justin Farrance!!

Congratulations Justin.

Please email us at so we can arrange payment of your prize.

Merry Christmas everyone from Banana Crumble!


The Twelve Names of Christmas….. (update)

Last week we told all of our members, that as a thank you to them we were going to be running a special Christmas competition entitled “The Twelve Names of Christmas.”

The Good News for us, is that 10 of our members have already spotted their names. The Good News for you is that there are still 2 names waiting to be found!! Make sure that you have checked all the pages (excluding voucher pages) on our site to see if you can spot your name. If you have looked before, make sure that you haven’t missed a page.

To find out how to join in with the fun including all our terms and conditions please look back at our Twelve Names of Christmas article for all the information you will need.

Remember all the names that have been claimed will be entered into a draw to be held on Christmas Eve where the winner will receive £50.

Good Luck and happy hunting!


This isn’t just good news – it is great news! Win a £50 Amazon voucher for the best Smile Wall photo.

Smile Wall ? What is this ? Go Bananas and be in with a chance of winning a £50 Amazon voucher.

After our photo shoot for our home page on the Banana Crumble website we all had such fun and thought it would be a great idea to get people to take these Banana Smile photos in all sorts of places and come up with funny captions. How can you not be cheered up by seeing these? Why not grab a banana and join in the fun. Why not challenge your friends to see who can get their photo onto our smile wall first.

We have decided that we are going to give one photo a month the title of Smile Wall Champion and to the person who uploaded that photo we will give a prize. In our first month the prize will be a £50 Amazon voucher. To decide which photo is worthy of this  honour, it will be down to you, our Banana Crumble members, to click on your favourite photos. The photo with the most likes will be our winner. Why not take a look at our Smile Wall gallery and vote for your favourite photo now.

If you have half as much fun as we did and are also in with a chance to win £50 – it can’t all be bad!! Join in the fun and be our first Smile Wall Champion. Our first winner will be announced on 31st October 2017. If you have already submitted a photo get your friends “liking” it. If not there is still plenty of time to get a photo dowloaded and then get voting!


It really isn’t too good to be true – Congratulations to our first winner.

Huge congratulations to our first winner – Eleanor Harrison from Cardiff.

Banana Crumble really is something for nothing!! It was really great meeting Eleanor at the Student Union at Cardiff University. She was really pleased to be our first winner and was already thinking of ways to spend her £100. I met her on the day the money was paid into her account and it was great to see how happy she was to be a winner. This is the aim of Banana Crumble – not to change anyone’s life but to bring a smile to their face. Objective achieved with Eleanor!