Arise Sir Tom

Over the period of the pandemic we have followed the story about Captain Tom Moore’s inspirational journey and we couldn’t forget the next stage in what must have been an amazing few months for him.

On Friday, in the Queen’s only investiture during lockdown, she knighted the man who has been taken to the hearts of the nation. The ceremony took place outdoors at Windsor Castle where he was recognised for raising more than 32 million pounds for NHS charities. Accompanied by his daughter, son-in-law and two of his grandchildren he had the honour bestowed upon him using a sword originally owned by King George VI.

In what must have been an absolutely amazing day for the old soldier  the nations hero officially became Captain Sir Tom Moore. This story took everyone on a journey as Captain Tom initially wanted to raise £1000 for walking 100 laps in his garden. As the total rose so did the love of the nation and his determination and courage made headlines not just in England but all over the world and must surely be the tale of lockdown and with this investiture the happy ending that we all love.

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