Do you know this couple ?

Robbie and Casey Butler got married in October 2017 in Rockaway Beach, New York. After the wedding they were watching their video bringing back memories of their special day. As family and friends watched the wedding video every time a certain couple appeared on the screen everyone asked the same question. Who are they ? Eventually friends persuaded the newly weds to put a photo of the mystery couple onto social media to see if they could find out who they were. It took less than twenty minutes for them to find out that the mystery wedding guest was in fact 22 year old Patrick Goldberg who was also from the same town. The identity of the female was kept a mystery.

Goldberg said he just danced and had a few drinks at the wedding and hadn’t eaten dinner during the reception. Goldberg said he knew that Robbie Butler was in a band and that he was a fan so he had decided he just wanted to attend Butler’s wedding.

The Butlers said there were no hard feelings and in fact gave the wedding crasher a signed photo. Patrick Goldberg as a way of a thank you and an apology bought them both a round of drinks. Both parties toasted the beginnings of a friendship with the drinks.

They really did pull of a Wedding Crasher’s scene of their own.

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