In for a penny….

Sometimes it is hard to find positive or good news stories but then you see or read something and it makes you realise that there are so many genuinely nice people in the world who go that extra mile to do something good.

One such article we saw a few weeks ago was about Tim Cameron who lost his wallet on his way home from work. When he realised that his wallet was missing he started the process of cancelling his cards but as he looked at his account he was surprised to see four separate transfers each for a penny credit with some words as a reference.

When combined they read: “Hi, I found your wallet in the road – 07XXXXXXXXX – text or call!”

The Good Samaritan was Simon Byford. Tim Cameron called Simon and arranged to meet him complete with a bottle of wine as a thank you. The two didn’t live very far apart and actually met for a drink. The whole story went viral and the twitter post received over 140,000 likes. The meeting was filmed and in fact showed 4 pennies being handed back. Definitely the sort of news we like.

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