Everyday people everyday heroes!!!

It is always in times of adversity that people seem to pull together and these difficulties bring out the best in people. People go above and beyond the call of duty and there are so many inspirational stories that have been reported. One story that caught our eye was found on FaceBook.

“I am an Experienced nurse Practitioner, I’m in xxxxx town. If anyone needs any acute nursing needs please pm me … if anyone needing care, I would need to walk …. happy to help with any aspect of nursing care.”

In another town close by people from a local factory came out to help drivers stuck in a snowdrift and to organise traffic so that people could get moving. Other people have reported that people have tried to walk to civilisation and got stuck and found themselves knocking at the doors of the houses they find first. People have been given hot drinks, food, given a chance to recharge phones and to generally thaw out before going back to their cars.

These are the type of stories where people genuinely want to help and will go to extraordinary lengths to help. These are the unsung heroes and the people dedicated to helping and making people better. I know the area well where the post at the start of the article has come from and that the weather has been horrendous there with many roads completely cut off. To offer to walk in these circumstances is absolutely amazing and we should all be extremely grateful for the people that are willing to help.

Here at Banana Crumble we would like to thank all of the unsung heroes who have helped people, gone the extra mile (literally!) whilst everyone has been struggling with the awful weather. Keep warm and stay safe.