Did you miss our most read articles of 2018?

Over the year we have written and published over 150 articles. We thought it would be fun to see which of our articles were read by the most people and let you have a top ten of our most read articles of 2018 and to give you a chance to look at them again.

In reverse order, we will start at number 10.

In tenth place is “The Big Day Approaches”  – an article about an up and coming trip with Peter and Sophie Holmes.

In ninth place is “I never want to say no to anything as life is too short” a fantastic feature about Lauren Hull, diagnosed with CF at birth and her story, a really inspirational article.

In eighth place is “I am Natalie Crawford” – a truly inspiring feature from a lady running her first marathon.

In seventh place is “I had a dream” – amazing this features so highly as it was only published at the end of December telling the story about our Chief Banana’s dream and how Banana Crumble has helped achieve this.

In sixth place is “When The Chief Banana Gets crumbled” – when the rest of the Banana Crumble team play an April Fool’s trick on our Chief Banana

In fifth place is “Orkambi is a drug that can really help CF Sufferers”, a feature written by member Liam McHugh about Orkambi, a heart felt article based on personal experience.

In fourth place is “I’ve already told all my friends how crazy it is to win just for being signed up to a website and checking it on a weekly basis!” containing feedback from some of our winning members.

In third place is “Bands with Banana in their title” – a really random article but one that gets read almost every week!

In Second place is “Good News, Bad News, who can say” – a great article that again gets read on an almost daily basis and one that is really thought provoking

In Top spot – well I am not going to tell you so you will have to click here to find out which was our most read article of 2018!!

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Songs to make you smile and feel good …..

Here at Banana Crumble, we decided to compile a list of our top 10 FEEL GOOD songs…. Comment on our Facebook page to post your own suggestions….

1. Sweet Caroline – I’m sorry this just has to be on the list. How can you not be smiling as everyone in the room is singing along to this classic ?

2. Uptown Funk – a modern day song that  everyone can enjoy. The eclectic mix of words and music really lets you enjoy yourself.

3. Wannabe – how can the Spice Girls not put you in a good mood?!

4. A Thousand Miles – whether you picture Terry Crew in White Chicks or just appreciate the music, this song can’t help but make you smile.

5. Magic (B.o.B) – poorly attempting to complete the rap or smashing it out of the park, you’ll definetly have a laugh listening to this one.

6. Build Me Up Buttercup – another classic that just allows you to dance away to the music and enjoy yourself (my personal favourite also!)

7. History – One Direction is everyone’s guilty pleasure and how can you just not sing along to this? 

8. Wonderwall – at the end of the night, you and everyone around you (friends or not) are going to cuddle together just to belt out this classic.

9. Year 3000 – is this just turning into a list of my guilty musical pleasures?! But come on who can say no to this banger.

10. Dancing in the Moonlight – doesn’t this song just remind you of summer parties in the garden, not having a care in the world?!

This is our Top 10 list, why don’t you let us know in the Facebook comments any songs you’d like to add.


Top Ten Banana Crumble Articles of 2017

We launched our Banana Crumble website on the 14th September 2017 and since then we have published almost 60 Good News Stories. Stories that have made you laugh, made you groan and hopefully those that have inspired you to bigger and better things. We were looking back at our statistics and thought it would be interesting to see which of our articles have been read the most and to compile a top ten of the most read articles. So here we go!!

In 10th place – Ten Reasons You would be mad not to sign up to Banana Crumble

In 9th place – 5 Things Apple Users Really Want From the New iPhone

In 8th Place – Banana Chat – Meet our Chief Banana Matt Austin

In 7th Place – Banana Chat – Meet Amanda Austin

In 6th Place – Facebook and its Many Faces

(c) Ruth Pickering


In 5th Place  – Banana Chat – Meet Justin Farrance

In 4th Place  – 10 Conversations in a Nightclub Toilet

In 3rd Place – Banana Chat – Meet Sophie Holmes

In 2nd Place – The Twelve Names of Christmas

and our most read story of 2017 was  drum roll, wait for it  …….. lots of anticipation

Click here to find out!!!!!

If you have missed them during the last weeks why not catch a look at our most read articles.