Anything is possible … if you can keep motivated

Adam Peaty has rocked the swimming world taking three gold medals at the recent Swimming World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea. Over the last few years he has been completely unbeatable and claimed victories at Olympics,  Commonwealth, European and World Championships as well as holding world records. He finished head and shoulders before his opposition but what drives him onto success.

What do you do when you have won everything ? Peaty find ways to motivate himself and launched project 56. He wanted to be the first man to go under the 57 second mark in the 100 metre breaststroke. All of his training was geared to this project and it is setting that challenge that kept him motivated. On the 21st July Peaty broke his own World record of 57.10 reducing it to 56.88 seconds breaking that record by 0.22 seconds.

How inspirational is this man. His dedication, commitment on top of fitness and training is absolutely amazing and although the majority of us will never even dream of reaching the dizzy heights he has, we can all learn from his mantra. Setting small targets to try and achieve dreams. Making unrealistic things seem achievable by breaking them down and by showing that with determination it is amazing what people can do. The World is looking forward to see what Adam Peaty can achieve in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympics and to see how this machine of a man can break yet more records.

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Ellie Charles – a future Paralympian?

Ellie Charles, a 14-year-old girl with no arms and legs, was inspired to swim and chase her Tokyo 2020 Paralympic dream in not the most usual of ways. She was inspired to swim by a dolphin called Winter who lost its tail after it got caught in a crab pot. To save Winter’s life vets had to amputate her tail so she could survive. This is what happened to Ellie after she was diagnosed with meningitis as a baby. In her case both her arms and legs had to be amputated.

Ellie first saw Winter online and it inspired her to get into the pool. In 2013 her dream was made true when she got to visit and meet Winter. Ellie and her family now visit the dolphin every year. She is now chasing her latest dream which is to reach the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020.

In 2018, Ellie broke the S4 British record and is now blazing a trail for similarly bodied athletes within the sport. After breaking the record Ellie got to meet her idol Ellie Simmonds who congratulated her and described the race as a “fantastic swim” and said she has every chance to break the record by even more.

Her dad who supports Ellie in all her races said “Anything your children want to do is always going to be a commitment, but it’s an absolute pleasure and I get an awful lot out of it when she competes. At the end of the day she is my child and I absolutely love doing it.”

We wish you all the success in the future and we will be keeping a keen eye out at Tokyo 2020!

To watch a video about Ellie and her dreams of success visit the Olympic website by clicking here.

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