Sun shines on…..

Can you imagine if we had spent lockdown with torrential rain and freezing winds. I know we are lucky and have a garden but the weather during lockdown has been absolutely amazing. This has been proved with weather specialists saying that this May has been the sunniest since records began.

Spring 2020 has been very dry, and May in parts of England has been exceptionally dry. As it stands up to May 27, for England, May 2020 is the driest May on record since 1896, with less than 10mm rain falling across England on average.

Some locations have recorded far less rainfall than this. Northamptonshire – the driest county so far – for example has only recorded 1.5mm of rain during May. To put that measurement into context 1.5mm is less than the thickness of a 20 pence coin – you could lay the coin flat in the month’s rainfall and the Queen’s head would remain dry!

Whilst we are loving the good weather and sunshine we must spare a thought for the farmers who are praying for rain. It seems that whatever happens with the weather you won’t please everyone!!!

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Happy Easter ….

As it is the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and the sun will be shining we thought it would be great to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

How much better everyone feels when the sun is out, people seem happier and somehow when things are bad the sunshine just makes things feel that bit better. Yellow is our theme colour and also that of our Charity of The Year The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and it is certainly the colour of the sun, spring and cheeriness.

We certainly smiled when we saw the queen dressed in “banana yellow” this week. Certainly an outfit fit for spring.

Happy Easter from us all and enjoy the good weather. Remember you can still submit photos to our Smile Wall for the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher and a 5 a-side CHESS set. Why not take some photos of you and your friends having fun in the sun!

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Good News – the summer holidays have started and it is still sunny.

As everyone knows, everyone in the United Kingdom loves talking about the weather. When it is cold it is too cold, when it is hot it is too hot.  We have the wrong type of wind, snow, rain!! If you meet strangers then invariably the topic of weather will be brought into the conversation. We do, believe it or not, get good weather in the UK but usually it gets to school holiday time and bang!!!! the weather changes. This year it is set to be different and the weather looks great for the school holidays. Staycations seem to be the holiday of fashion. Why would we go anywhere else if we had guaranteed sunshine. Our scenery and attractions are as good if not better than anywhere else in the world. We have history that other parts of the world can only dream about. We have such variety in scenery in countryside and coastline. 

2018 is set to be the best summer since 1976 so to be honest not many of our members and even member’s parents remember that clearly so we have been well and truly owed another long hot summer.

Following on from the great World Cup for England and the buzz there was during the event it has done great things for us as a country. Lets hope all the staycationers can spend money in our seaside and tourist resorts and can help celebrate all that is great about Great Britain.

Have a great summer and let us see where you have chosen to spend your holiday this year!!