What on earth has happened to my hair …… ?

Following on from our theme several articles ago about how things are not always as they seem. As we are sure everyone now knows we held the Banana Crumb-Ball on the 5th October. Everything was sorted and we had checked the final details for what seemed like ages and were literally counting the minutes until the event got underway.

We were all ready and thought to celebrate all the hard work everyone had put in we would open a bottle of bubbly and toast to what was hopefully going to be a successful evening and keeping our fingers crossed that everyone was going to have a great time. The drinks were poured and of course we had to have the obligatory photograph. As soon as the photos are taken – what do you do but look at them!!! I looked at one and suddenly had a bit of a panic. What on earth had happened to my hair, why was it sticking out so much? On further inspection my hair was fine and the sticky out bits were actually the plant directly behind me!! Good job I am not taking my self too seriously lol!!

To bad hair days, spiky plants and a good sense of humour!!

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