Unusual Banana facts

Thought you may like our top ten of random facts about bananas..

There is a town in Queensland, Australia actually called Banana.

Bananas actually float in water rather like apples and watermelons.

Andrew Lawrence holds the world record for the fastest run marathon for someone dressed as a fruit. He was actually dressed as a banana and completed the marathon in 2 hours, 47 mins and 41 seconds.

Bananas are naturally radioactive. They contain Potassium 40, a radioactive isotope of potassium.

If you smell a banana it can actually help you lose weight!! Research from the Smell and Taste Treatment Foundation in Chicago says it is one of the few things that just by smelling it you can trick your body into thinking you have eaten it.

Bananas contain 15% of your daily vitamin C and 20% of your vitamin B6.

Even though banana plants can grow to be 30 feet in height, they are not technically trees: their stems are sturdy, but contain no woody tissue. They’re not trunks, but “pseudostems,” made of densely packed leaves. So a banana plant is actually a perennial herb, like a lily or an orchid.

Technically, the banana fruit is the berry of the plant—it may not look much like one, but it contains seeds and pulp from a single ovary, so it’s often classified as an “epigynous berry.”

Bananas contain the amino acid tryptophan and vitamin B6 which helps the body produce serotonin – a chemical also found in Prozac which helps with depression.

Got toilet issues? Well, in case you are not regular, consider eating bananas as they are really high in fibre and help to make your bowel movements more regular.