Billy Monger showing the world that anything can be possible…

Racing Driver Billy Monger from Charlwood said “he will give it his all” this past weekend as he was back racing on the track at Donnington Park for the first time since his life changing accident almost a year and a half ago.

Billy had a crash in April 2017 which resulted in both of his legs being amputated. He was stuck inside his car conscious for 90 minutes whilst emergency services worked to get him out. He later woke up from an induced coma finding out that both his legs had been amputated.

The now 19 year old raced over the weekend getting back on the track where the accident took place to compete in a Formula 3 race. Billy’s new car contains a prosthetic which is attached to his break pedal and all other car controls are mounted onto his steering wheel.

Billy’s first race took place in March of this year and secured himself a podium spot after only being able to practice with his new controls for 4 days. When taking up his podium spot he celebrated by drinking his champagne out of his prosthetic leg.

Billy gained pole position at the start of the races and finished third and fourth in the two races he completed in this weekend.

All we can say is Billy you are an inspirational and amazing human being, showing the world that anything can be possible. Good luck for your future races and you deserve the upmost respect from everyone around the world.