Good News about the BBC’s Children In Need Charity

Back In November 2017 we ran a feature about the Children In Need Charity and how Pudsey Bear evolved. A few weeks ago we received an update from them saying how much they made on the actual evening. We thought it would be great for you all to see how much was raised that day.

A really worthwhile charity that has helped so many people over the years.

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This is Pudsey but not as we know him!

We all know that it is the BBC’s Children in Need climax on Friday 17th November. The Friday where the whole of the BBC’s television schedule is given over to raising money for children’s charities.

Pudsey Bear is the iconic mascot of the charity and people recognise him wherever they go, but do we know the real story about Pudsey ?

The BBC’s first broadcast appeal took place on Christmas Day in 1927. This raised £1143, 18 shillings and 3 pence. The first televised appeal took place in 1955 and was called The Children’s Hour Christmas Appeal and this was presented by Harry Corbett and Sooty. These Christmas appeals continued right up until 1979. In 1980 a new telethon format was designed and this was hosted by Terry Wogan, Sue Lawley and Esther Rantzen.

In 1985 Joanna Lane was working in the BBC’s design department. She was asked to revamp the Children in Need logo. The idea of a teddy bear was decided upon but initially it was only a 2D logo that featured a sad face and buttons.

The creator thought a teddy bear was a perfect logo as it would relate to young children. Once the logo was designed it was decided that it really should have a name. The decision of naming the bear was left to Joanne and she chose Pudsey – her home town and in honour of her grandparents. Over the years Pudsey has developed into the lovable bear that we all know and love and one that plays a major role in raising much needed funds for all the children’s charities.

Pudsey is recognised everywhere and during the fund raising evening features prominently. Now you can buy lots of different merchandise featuring Pudsey and all the proceeds from these sales goes towards the total raised.

Banana Crumble wishes Children In Need every success with its fund raising evening.