Runners up on a BGT but a trailblazer for sure…

For many, Finn was a police dog appearing on the television show Britain’s Got Talent with his handler Dave Wardell. His magical and mind reading skills were second to none and he amazed everyone with his talent. In fact he finished runner up behind  Chelsea Pensioner Colin Thackery.

There is much more to the Dave and Finn story. Finn is a German Shepherd police dog and it was in 2016 when Finn, whilst on duty, was stabbed and seriously hurt. Finn was protecting his handler Dave Wardell. Finn, despite being stabbed in the head and stomach refused to let go of his attacker.  At the time it was thought that the injuries were too severe and that Finn was unlikely to survive the horrific injuries incurred on that day. During that same incident PC Wardell was stabbed in the hand. The attacker was charged with ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) but he could only face criminal damage charges over the injury to Finn.

After numerous months new legislation has just been put into place to protect animals that are injured in service. This new law is called Finn’s Law named in tribute to this heroic dog.

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You are under arrest for being a good citizen!

We are always on the hunt for stories that make us smile and when I heard this one I just had to include it.. If this story doesn’t make you smile not sure what will ?

A 104 year old lady who is a resident of the Stokeleigh Care Home in Bristol took part in a charity scheme where residents are able to put items on a bucket list and then some get chosen. Anne Brokenbrow wrote:

“My wish is… to be arrested. I am 104 and I have never been on the wrong side of the law.”

Two police officers came into the care home and arrested Anne before taking her for a drive in the police car. They used handcuffs during ‘the arrest’. Anne thoroughly enjoyed her day and said that nothing like that had ever happened to her before. The care home put the story on Facebook and said

“Anne got her wish to be arrested at the grand young age of 104 for being a good citizen!! It’s something that she has always wanted to experience.”

The police involved were part of the neighbourhood policing scheme so when they received the request they were happy to oblige. It is great when things like this happen as it builds community spirit and spreads a bit of good news and happiness when quite often the opposite is true.

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Where words fail let music speak ….

Nottinghamshire’s Police Community Support Officer Craig Bull was checking up on a 93 year old gentleman who had been a victim of a theft when he spotted a piano.

The officer saw a music book open at a page with one of his favourite pieces of music. A nocturne by Chopin. It turned out that the Police Officer’s Grandmother had also loved the same tune and that the officer was able to play the piece.

The officer started to play and looking at the reaction of the pensioner it was plain to see how much this meant to him.

Another above and beyond the call of duty and one that clearly meant everything to the gentleman but also gave Craig Bull huge job satisfaction. Nottinghamshire Police later tweeted that it was  #proud of Bull’s actions.


Grinch Burglar caught after stealing and opening child’s Christmas presents …

Essex Police Officers have gone above and beyond the call of duty and fully joined in with the real spirit of Christmas.

PC Campling and PC Martin charged and remanded the suspect in custody, before spending time out of their busy schedule to rewrap the presents. The were gifts were then returned to the children they were taken from.

Essex Police’s Grays Local Policing Team shared a photo on Twitter of the two men, standing by a table, personally wrapping all the presents, along with the words: “Grinch Burglar caught after stealing and opening child’s Christmas presents. PC Campling & PC Martin charged and remanded the burglar and then re wrapped and returned the presents in time for Christmas.”

Their kind-hearted actions have been praised by other colleagues at Essex Police on Twitter, with Inspector Rob Brettell saying: “Super proud of the people I serve with – some things in policing simply cannot be measured or shown on a spreadsheet”.

To be burgled is a horrible thing for anyone but for children to have their Christmas Presents taken it must be even worse. Here at Banana Crumble we are really glad that the culprit was caught and at this time of the year would like to thank the Police and all the other emergency services for everything they do for us not just at Christmas but throughout the year. We often hear tales about the police and this one certainly brings a smile to our faces !! Thank You!!