From little bits of plastic…

Pejo 3000 is an Italian Ski resort that is trying to become the first ski resort to ban plastics. Since December 2019 plastic cups, cutlery, bottles, plates, straws and condiment sachets have all been banned and more restrictions have been put into place for the start of 2020. From January lift passes for short periods of time will no longer have a plastic coating and those for longer periods will be laminated and also be rechargeable.

Scientists found traces of micro plastics in the nearby glacier. They believed that lots of the traces of plastics had come from tourists and were concerned that plastic in the mountains would remain there for a long period of time and cause environmental damage in the region.

The resort, which has 12 miles of runs and seven ski lifts, also plans to improve waste collection, recycling and energy use. The wider Pejo valley uses renewable energy via three small hydroelectric plants, while homes, hotels and public buildings are warmed using a wood-chop heating system that is fed scraps from local forestry operations.

The environment is a really hot topic at the moment and if everyone or everywhere were to start making such decisions we could all make a huge difference. It just takes people with a vision and a wish to help to be able to make a difference.

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