19 year old George Dowell was told that he would never walk again…

At 19 years old  George Dowell was told that he would never walk again as he was paralysed from the waist down after a car crash involving him and his friends.

Ever since George was young, his passion was football and he dreamt of playing for Worthing FC. He made his debut for the club at 18 but in 2010, the life changing accident took place and he would never be able to play football again. 

After months and months of rehibilation, George decided he wanted to stay involved in his passion and decided that he would buy Worthing FC as they were struggling financially. After gaining a number of grants, George set up a 3G pitch at the ground and has worked to help the club grow ever since. They have built a bar and new stands.

Since the club has grown, they have started supporting education in players and managers helping them to move to the next stages of their career within the sport of Football. 

From such a life changing experience, George has not only managed to help save his football club, but also help the lives of many around him and given them fantastic sporting opportunities.

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