Max’s Law can potentially save your life

It seems logical to me that if anything were to happen to me and my organs were of good enough quality to save a life or to help someone see or live a full life why wouldn’t I do it? Currently, as the law stands, you have to opt in and carry a donor register card if you would like your organs to be donated in the event of your death. Why not have the opt out clause so that there will be many more successful transplants and the list of those suffering can be reduced.

Watch this clip from a BBC television programme and see Max welcome his new heart . He sends such love to the donor family and is so grateful. How anyone can fail to be moved after watching this. His family really appreciate the fact that for their son to have a chance at a better quality life someone else has to go through tragedy. I hope that the donors family realise what an amazing gift they have given Max and that their child’s heart lives and beats on in Max.

The change to an opt out rather than opt in scheme is being discussed in Parliament and if it is brought in it will be named Max’s law after Max. He can certainly help save lots of lives and is testimony to a really remarkable ten year old. Don’t wait for this to be made law, remember to sign up as a donor or to let your family know your wishes NOW!

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