Electronic “toys” used to save lives….

At the end of last year Gatwick Airport was closed for many hours as a drone had been sighted near the air field and due to safety reasons the flights had to be delayed or cancelled. We have seen stories about drugs, mobile phones and much more being taken into prisons via drones. These stories made the headlines.

Recently, I saw a headline on the BBC news and just thought WOW!!!! In Maryland in America a drone was used to transfer a kidney to the hospital where the recipient was waiting for the transplant. The drone carried the kidney whilst monitoring it during the three mile flight. This flight was the first time that the method had been used with a real kidney, although it had obviously been tested intensely. In case the drone should fail the craft had been fitted with a recovery parachute.

There are so many positives to this story, the amount of time taken to get the kidney to the correct place is a huge benefit as in transplants time really is of the essence and literally every second counts. They  don’t need to find pilots or specific flights to take the organ as this system can be set up and used immediately.

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It is always good news when you see technology being used for the right reasons.

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Charlotte Archer-Gay gold medalist at World Transplant Games

We first met Charlotte Archer-Gay at an after school Badminton club at Bower Park Academy in Romford, Essex where she was then a pupil. Charlotte had struggled with her health and became increasingly unwell having to endure hours of kidney dialysis. She was so unwell that she was told that she needed a kidney transplant. As her health deteriorated she had to stop all of her sport. After a long wait and many tests it was found that her father Phillip Gay was a perfect match. This was a very unusual situation as Charlotte and Phillip were in fact different blood types.

In February 2015 they both underwent the complicated transplant and donation procedure. Charlotte and her Dad spent many months recovering from the operation. As part of Charlotte’s rehab she was encouraged to take up sport again. She once again joined the after school Badminton Club at Bower Park. Charlotte was invited to take part in the British transplant games.  This was held in Liverpool in June 2016. Charlotte won two golds medals there – one in the singles and one in the donor and recipient doubles with her dad. Trying to build up her fitness and skill levels Charlotte joined The Eagles Badminton Club. On the back of her success at British Transplant Games Charlotte was then selected to take place in the World transplant games in Malaga in July 2017. The Eagles Badminton club bought Charlotte a special badminton bag to wish her on her way.

Charlotte, who is now in the sixth form at the Campion School in Hornchurch, Essex had the ladies singles as her first event. In this competition Charlotte took the silver medal. The mixed doubles was next and unfortunately for Charlotte they came up against tough opponents and lost in the first round. Leaving her last event  as the ladies doubles. Charlotte and her partner Kiera progressed through to the final and eventually took the gold medal. What a story, in just over two years Charlotte has gone from being so very poorly she was unable to do any sport to being a World Champion.

Charlotte returned from the competition buzzing, to hear her talking about people she had met from all over the world was just so inspiring. In fact she swapped kit with people from as far away as Korea and Singapore.

Charlotte retained her singles gold medal at the 2017 British Transplant games which was held in Lanarkshire, Scotland at the end of July.  We look forward to hearing more good news about Charlotte and her future successes and to hear her inspirational story continue. After knowing Charlotte’s story it really does make you realise the importance of the donor register and shows what a difference this gift can make to people’s lives. To find out more about becoming an organ donor or joining the donor register go to