Cute animal story alert ……

In 2018, Fred the Labrador at Mountfitchet Castle in Essex made the news when he took 9 ducklings under his wing so to speak. The photo of him carrying the babies on his back went viral and made him an internet sensation. The ducklings had been abandoned by their mother. To read more about this story look on their website . There are some really cute photos of the ducklings and their adopted Dad.

Mountfitchet Castle have updated their website and said that they are blessed to have more new additions this year and that they are pleased to announce that their mother is carefully looking after her brood. The chicks have all been born in time for the Easter Programme. Fred is still looking after his brood from last year but as they are growing up fast they are becoming less dependent on him.

Stansted Mountfitchet is famous for its Castle, toy museum and  Norman village and is a popular tourist attraction in Essex, in fact being voted Essex Attraction of the Year by The Good Britain Guide

This certainly ticks our cute animal story box and we are glad to know that Fred is still keeping an eye on his ducklings!!

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