I want to be the first person with Cystic Fibrosis to become a professional footballer

A teenager by the name of Morgan Coxhead is hoping to become the first ever professional footballer with Cystic Fibrosis.

Morgan, a 14 year old Goalkeeper, has been heralded as a future star who has already visited the England senior squad for training.

He is now desperate to break down the boundaries by becoming the first professional to play the game with CF.

He has said that despite having to work twice as hard as any other player to now impress – his abilities in goal has already come to the attention of leading coaches within the national set-up. He currently stars for Truro and Charlestown football clubs as well as representing his county of Cornwall.

He has been quoted saying: “I want to be the first person with Cystic Fibrosis to become a professional footballer – I don’t think anyone has ever done that before”.

“I know I need to work hard, with CF I need to do twice as much as everyone else and train twice as hard, but I am willing to do whatever is necessary”.

“There is now a professional rugby player with CF, Nathan Charles, who plays for Bath, and seeing what he has done has given me a lot of encouragement. Because of what he has done I know it it is possible.”

Morgan said there were certain challenges he had to overcome but told his mother that as his condition carried a life expectancy of 40 – a career into his mid 30s as a footballer was both viable and achievable.

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