A Right Royal Chat …

This week has been mental health week and there has been so much publicity about talking and listening!! On the radio they did a listening test: not sure how it will work in print but just try and see what happens!! Ask someone to say the answer out loud: How do you spell shop? Then immediately ask someone what they would do at a green traffic light? Try it!! The majority say stop so it does show we think we are listening when actually we are not always taking everything in and not really listening.

Good causes benefit from having celebrity endorsements and in particular from the Royals. I have seen trailers for a BBC documentary about men in a football scenario (including tv presenters, England footballers, managers and others) talking about mental health and how refreshing it is to see that they are all actually listening to each other. All too often there is banter around this type of conversation so good on the BBC for highlighting the fact people and men in particular need to talk and if they do talk they need to be listened to. If people were confident others would listen and not judge,  then so many people would be helped!!

Definitely one to watch on the BBC “A Royal Team Talk!” It will be shown tomorrow (Sunday 19th May) at 22.30.

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