Can you guess the link between X Factor’s Matt Linnen and Banana Crumble ?

How inspiring is it when you see that someone has a dream and then gets a chance to pursue it.

Matt Linnen is a 28 year old plasterer from Southend in Essex. His ambition was to be a musician and in pursuit of that dream he has performed on the local Essex scene for over a decade performing at pubs, clubs and even at weddings. He has also been the front man to several bands including Dirty Linnen, Vox Empire and We Are People.

Matt applied to the X- Factor and for his audition he  performed Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble”, this is where he wowed the judges, in particular Nicole Scherzinger. It must have been fate as Matt is now working alongside his mentor Nicole in the Overs Category.

Why has Banana Crumble chosen this particular contestant to get behind and support. What connects the two? Banana Crumble is based in Southend as is Matt. Banana Crumble held their launch party at Mangetout in Southend and Matt Linnen has appeared there numerous times over the years and, well, why not? Also our Chief Banana thinks he has a pretty cool name too! We think he has a great voice and bags of talent so please get behind Matt and our Good News Story.

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Going bananas at our launch party and charity night!

Thursday 28th September 2017 saw the official launch party for Banana Crumble and a celebration of the link up with our Charity of the Year The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The event was held at Mangetout in Southend and over 60 people were in attendance.

The evening was a huge success with people hearing all about Banana Crumble and their crusade to bring a smile, some good news and positivity to the world. The guests also found out about Cystic Fibrosis with speeches from Sophie and Peter Holmes.

The whole evening was very yellow with huge inflatable bananas, banana themed decorations and of course the yellow of the Cystic Fibrosis Charity.



Mangetout laid on an amazing spread and even came up with banana themed deserts and cocktails. Certainly a great evening with loads of fun had by all.  We have received the following messages “what an enjoyable evening for such a good cause”, “we had a super time last night – it was a privilege to be there”, “absolutely amazing night last night, so enjoyed it”.

Money was raised on the evening with a raffle. Raffle prizes were kindly donated by Mangetout, Nandos, Asda and of course Banana Crumble. Mangetout also kindly donated funds from the sales of their cocktails. In total since the actual launch of Banana Crumble on the 14th September the total raised so far is £377 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, with £252 being made at the launch party from the raffle.

Thanks to everyone for joining us and especially to Andy Sheard for being our photographer on the evening.