You will walk down the aisle!!

Mandy Hamling was due to walk down the aisle for her wedding this month but like so many other events up and down the country she has had to postpone her wedding to fiancé Michael Shire. The wedding has been postponed until June 2021.

Mandy is a supermarket worker in Cardiff and has been working at the Asda store in Leckworth, Cardiff during the pandemic. Her colleagues decided that even though the wedding had been rearranged they didn’t want to let the actual day go by without something happening.

They gave Mandy a veil, an announcement was made over the store’s tannoy system and “Chapel of Love” was played to the shoppers. The staff threw confetti, gave her champagne. A colleague walked Mandy down the “supermarket ” aisle and they presented her with a cake that said “Even though they postponed the date – let’s celebrate”.

A customer presented Mandy with a bunch of flowers. What a really lovely story and nice to know that key workers are keeping their spirits up.

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