Love Football? Hate being Fat ….

Body image is a huge thing. Men, in particular find it really hard to join weight loss classes as the majority are attended by women and it takes a pretty brave man to join one of these on his own. This week there has been lots of publicity about Man v Fat Football. This is where people join up and play for a football team with a difference. Not only do the goals count as in a usual football game but so does the number of pounds lost by the team.

This is a great way of encouraging the competitively that the majority of men like. It not only encourages a healthy lifestyle and perhaps gives people a chance to play football who would otherwise have just sat at home. A quote taken from their website is really inspiring

“I could not find the willpower to stick to healthy eating, and exercise was boring. MAN v FAT Football motivated me to keep going, it has changed my life.”

What a simple idea that will change the life of so many. New leagues are starting after Christmas in Redbridge and many other places all over the country. We featured Parkrun several weeks ago. Another simple idea that encourages people to keep fit, allows the competitive side that people want to help them achieve their own personal goals. After Christmas when we all feel that we have over indulged it is the perfect time to start a fresh and do something for you. Do something positive, inspire others and make a real difference to your own life!! We all need to find our own way of motivating ourselves. What motivates me may not motivate you but we can all be inspired to make a difference. Making a positive difference to our health and fitness has got to be high up there for everyone.

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