£1 Warriors hit their £300,000 target

The One Pound Warriors was the brainchild of a teenager from Southend who came up with an idea to help her friend who was suffering from a brain tumour to help her get treatment in America. Lillie Cotgrove came up with the idea to raise some funds for her friend, another Lily, as part of a school project. She decided that people didn’t have a lot of money to spend but if she could get lots of people to give just a pound then she would be able to raise the funds. Launched in January, the target has now reached over £300,000 which was the amount needed to send her friend for treatment. Since its launch lots of celebrities have signed up including Jonathan Ross and Stephen Gerrard. A small idea has literally just snowballed and we wish both Lillie and Lily all the very best with their fundraising and the treatment. We will definitely keep a watch on this one.

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