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I had a dream!!

by Banana Crumble | Dec 22, 2018

Have I achieved my dream - definitely, have I made money definitely not....


Banana Chat - meet Dan Austin

by Banana Crumble | Jul 04, 2018

This week's Banana Chat is with our inspirational person of the week - Dan Austin a great role model with a passion for the outdoors!


Inspirational poppy seller retires after 97 years .......

by Banana Crumble | Jun 07, 2018

A truly remarkable story and one that has certainly captured the imagination of us here.


Second time round......

by Banana Crumble | May 14, 2018

No one knows how you will react until you are told that you have cancer, in that minute your world seems to stop .......


Stammer with confidence ...

by Banana Crumble | Jan 26, 2018

I stopped caring about what people think. I now control what was once controlling me.......


Rowing into the record books

by Banana Crumble | Jan 20, 2018

If you are part of the team that has just rowed across the Atlantic in less than 30 days - how do you celebrate ?


From Somalian refugee to Sir Mo - what an inspiration ...

by Banana Crumble | Nov 18, 2017

Go hard or go home - Mo Farah's inspirational words of wisdom


Pride of Britain Awards

by Banana Crumble | Nov 07, 2017

"A lot of people take life for granted. While I am here I want to get the message out to people to enjoy life. Please, please get the most out of your life and make the most of what you have".  How can you fail to be inspired?