Meet Henry….

Growing up many generations have watched the children’s television programme Blue Peter. Presenters have changed over the years and recently a new addition to the current Blue Peter lineup has been announced.

Welcome to Henry a two year old rescue dog. He is a cross between a basset hound and a beagle, this breed is sometimes called the bagel. Henry is the tenth dog to appear on the show and over the years many of the Blue Peter animals  have been as famous as the presenters. To date they have had ten dogs, nine cats, five tortoises and two parrots. The first animal was back in 1962 when mongrel Petra was introduced. Petra was on the show for 15 years and there is a statue of her in the Blue Peter garden in Salford.

Probably the most famous of all the dogs was Shep, who with presenter John Noakes almost became a double act and the catch phrase “Get down Shep” was born. In fact, comedy group The Barron Knights recorded a song inspired by this phrase.

Animals can have such a positive effect on people be it as a calming influence, a reason to exercise, comfort to name but a few. Lets hope today’s generation grow to love Henry as much as all of the other Blue Peter Pets.

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