Poncho is a Guinness World Record holder…

Poncho is a seven year old Texas longhorn from Alabama in the USA. He recently became a World record holder and can you think what record he now holds?

In case you couldn’t guess it was the size of his horns!! From tip to tip the horns are a whopping 323.74 cm or 10 feet 7.4 inches.  We thought this photo of the World record holder would certainly bring a smile to your face and can you believe that the span is twice as big as a concert piano and is also wider than the Statue of Liberty’s face – Wow! The photo including horns was so wide we couldn’t get it to work on our Featured Image so went with the the Guinness World Record Logo and kept the actual photo a surprise!! I wonder what happens if he has to go into a barn ? Brings a whole new meaning to widening the doors!

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