Songs to make you smile and feel good …..

Here at Banana Crumble, we decided to compile a list of our top 10 FEEL GOOD songs…. Comment on our Facebook page to post your own suggestions….

1. Sweet Caroline – I’m sorry this just has to be on the list. How can you not be smiling as everyone in the room is singing along to this classic ?

2. Uptown Funk – a modern day song that  everyone can enjoy. The eclectic mix of words and music really lets you enjoy yourself.

3. Wannabe – how can the Spice Girls not put you in a good mood?!

4. A Thousand Miles – whether you picture Terry Crew in White Chicks or just appreciate the music, this song can’t help but make you smile.

5. Magic (B.o.B) – poorly attempting to complete the rap or smashing it out of the park, you’ll definetly have a laugh listening to this one.

6. Build Me Up Buttercup – another classic that just allows you to dance away to the music and enjoy yourself (my personal favourite also!)

7. History – One Direction is everyone’s guilty pleasure and how can you just not sing along to this? 

8. Wonderwall – at the end of the night, you and everyone around you (friends or not) are going to cuddle together just to belt out this classic.

9. Year 3000 – is this just turning into a list of my guilty musical pleasures?! But come on who can say no to this banger.

10. Dancing in the Moonlight – doesn’t this song just remind you of summer parties in the garden, not having a care in the world?!

This is our Top 10 list, why don’t you let us know in the Facebook comments any songs you’d like to add.