Top Ten Banana Crumble Articles of 2017

We launched our Banana Crumble website on the 14th September 2017 and since then we have published almost 60 Good News Stories. Stories that have made you laugh, made you groan and hopefully those that have inspired you to bigger and better things. We were looking back at our statistics and thought it would be interesting to see which of our articles have been read the most and to compile a top ten of the most read articles. So here we go!!

In 10th place – Ten Reasons You would be mad not to sign up to Banana Crumble

In 9th place – 5 Things Apple Users Really Want From the New iPhone

In 8th Place – Banana Chat – Meet our Chief Banana Matt Austin

In 7th Place – Banana Chat – Meet Amanda Austin

In 6th Place – Facebook and its Many Faces

(c) Ruth Pickering


In 5th Place  – Banana Chat – Meet Justin Farrance

In 4th Place  – 10 Conversations in a Nightclub Toilet

In 3rd Place – Banana Chat – Meet Sophie Holmes

In 2nd Place – The Twelve Names of Christmas

and our most read story of 2017 was  drum roll, wait for it  …….. lots of anticipation

Click here to find out!!!!!

If you have missed them during the last weeks why not catch a look at our most read articles.