The hunt for Good News…

In our post earlier in the week we featured a bar/restaurant in Spain called An Sibin who were offering to get food supplies to elderly or vulnerable people. We said in that article that we would publicise any companies that we heard about who were taking steps to do something positive.

We all club together in times of need and this is just part of our make up. We do see the odd people barging elderly people out of their way in shops just so they can get their own items but these people are in the minority. We have seen Supermarkets opening their doors for the elderly and before other shoppers can start their own shopping. This started with Iceland and is now being seen in other supermarkets all around the country. This is a great idea for a couple of reasons. The early start will mean that shelves are stocked overnight and that elderly people will be able to get the items they want to buy rather than making the effort to shop only to be faced with empty shelves. Hopefully this will stop the older people from mixing and try to keep the virus at bay.

We have heard about a shop called Day Today Express in Stenhousemuir, Scotland making up special Coronavirus bags for the elderly containing soap, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes. The owners said that each bag cost them about £2 to make up and they had given away more than 500. Anyone over the age of 65 was welcome to claim the bags and for those unable to get to the shop then there are provisions made for it to be delivered.

Coffee shops and other food outlets are now offering discounts to emergency workers and people working at the front line. This is the time we all need to pull together and help each other. Don’t forget it could just be to pick the telephone up and call someone who may not be able to get out. Keeping some contact with the outside world is going to be so important to many people.

We said that we would find good news and uplifting stories so please let us know if anyone deserves a mention and some good free publicity!!

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An amazing good deed at Christmas ….

A man who lost a gold ring while working in a field in the 1950s has been reunited with it 61 years on.

Roy Beddows lost the nine-carat gold ring – engraved with his initials – while working on a farm in West Felton, Oswestry, Shropshire, when he was 17.

It was found by metal detectorist Robin Kynaston, who traced Mr Beddows after the landowner realised it may belong to an ex-employee of her late father.

Mr Kynaston said it was “amazing” to return the ring to its rightful owner.

He has now struck up a friendship with Mr Beddows, 79, and the pair realised they knew people in common.

“I make a point of always returning everything I find to the landowner or at least offering it to them, good or scrap,” said Mr Kynaston, who took up metal detecting three years ago.

“But this was the first gold I’d ever found. It was a little bit of a difficult thing to pass it back, but I did pass it back and look what’s come out of it – something amazing.”

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Help can come from the most unexpected places….

Twenty seven year old Kate McClure ran out of petrol around midnight in a rough part of her home town. Realising she was stranded she got out of her car to walk to the closest petrol station. A homeless man saw that she was in trouble and told her to get back into her car and lock the doors whilst he would get her petrol. Twenty minutes later the man knocked on her window and had spent his last $20 to buy Kate her petrol to get her home safely. 

Kate was so touched by this amazing gesture, she set up a GoFund Me Page alongside her boyfriend to raise some funds to get Jonny back on his feet. Since the page was set up over $380,900 has been raised for Jonny. Jonny has since managed to buy a camper van with the money and has moved off the street.

Jonny has come out to thank everyone for their generosity and said that this amount will completely change his life for the better. Saying “Damn y’all did all that for me. That is changing my life right there. That is awesome. Thank you!”