Mr and Mrs Adcock – remarkable achievement!

For those of you who know me or have read my Banana Chat way back will know that Badminton plays a big part in my life. After weekend competing last weekend, in the County league finals for Essex I woke up very achey on Monday morning and switched on the BBC news just in time for the sport and was it true the BBC actually headlined the sport section with the great news that Chris and Gabby Adcock had retained their European Mixed Doubles Badminton title in Huelva, Spain. They beat Mathias Christiansen and Christinna Pedersen 21-18, 17-21, 21-18 to become the first English pair to retain their title in 32 years.

Chris and Gabby Adcock first met on the junior county scene and started to play together from when they were 14. In 2011 they won a silver medal at the World Championships. Despite their success they were split up before the 2012 London Olympics and Chris was paired with Scot Imogen Bankier. Unfortunately Chris and Imogen failed to get out of their box and it was back to the drawing board and the old partnership of Chris and Gabby White as she was then, was rectified.

Chris and Gabby were married in 2013 and success first came in 2014 at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow when the pair took the gold medal. Success continued with them taking a bronze World Championship medal in 2017 as well as the European gold in the same year. 2018 has got off to a great start for the couple with them firstly retaining their Commonwealth gold medal and then last weekend retaining their European title.

They both say that being married helps them with their performance and enables them to focus on their game. They say that they have the same goals and objectives and can work together to achieve them. They say that knowing each other inside out and having 100% trust in each other is the perfect recipe for success. They know how hard they have to train and feel that being married has helped them deal with all aspects of the game.

Great news both on and off court and Banana Crumble would like to wish Chris and Gabby all the best for the future and lets hope for many more medals!! Especially the gold ones! How great to see Badminton headlining!!


What shall I get my Mum as a birthday present ?….

Seventeen year old gymnast Georgia-Mae Fenton was competing at the Commonwealth games on the Australian Gold Coast on the day that was her mum’s birthday. Georgia-Mae decided that it would be a great present to her mum if she could give her the best ever performance on the bars. It had been the young gymnast’s mum who had introduced her to the sport after Georgia-Mae was always doing cartwheels . Her mum thought it was better for her to be doing these in a safe environment rather than just at home. Georgia-Mae’s mum had not travelled to Australia to watch.

Georgia-Mae didn’t just give her best performance but she actually took the gold medal in the uneven bars with a score of 14.600. Georgia-Mae certainly gave the best birthday present that her Mum could ever have wished for. Certainly better than chocolates or flowers!!

Congratulations Georgia-Mae