A summer of great festivals, but ….

This summer many people attended festivals up and down the country. People of all ages turn up for the weekend, pitch their tent and enjoy the music and the atmosphere that these festivals have.

After a great weekend many leave their pop up  and other tents behind as they are literally broken or more hassle than it is worth to take them home again. It is estimated that over a quarter of a million tents are just discarded. With these being made from plastic the vast majority of this ends up in landfill sites.

In this day and age where people are starting to think about the environment we have seen what we think is a really great idea. Cardboard pop up tents that are 100% recyclable. You can decorate your tent and customise it so that it really stands out but the best bit is that as well as being waterproof, which you will probably need, they actually pitch your tent for you. The idea behind this is that people don’t have to carry so much equipment and then can travel on public transport thereby again helping with the environment. At the end of the festival the tents then get put in recycling bins where they can be used again or get up cycled into other festival items. All of these ideas may only help a little bit but as they say from little acorns great oaks grow.

Hopefully next summer more and more people will make use of these recyclable tents.

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